QRP crypto

QRP crypto can refer to two different things that are both hot topics.

The first one is a crypto platform known as ”Quube Reverse Protocol” (QRP), also referred to as just Quube. Quube (QRP) declares to be the first and only quantum resistant ecosystem for the crypto world. We will be covering this concept and reviewing QRP in the rest of the article.

The second one is Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP), which more or less is a redesign of the 401K retirement savings plan. Simplified the idea is that money can be moved from a company to a 401K as a deductible expense. However instead of moving the money to a 401K, they can be moved to a QRP that you administrate and invest yourself. This allows investment in untraditional and high risk, high reward opportunities such as crypto currencies. We will not be covering this further, but you can watch this YouTube video by Michael J Kohler: https://youtu.be/hqsSfIXdnfE.

Quube (QRP) declares to be the first and only quantum resistant ecosystem for the crypto world.

Review of Quube (QRP)

Quube ecosystem declares to be the blockchain of blockchains. With their exchange https://quube.exchange/ they state to be building a powerful fundraising engine for businesses. We chose to review QPR crypto based on three variables, their technology, their team and their network and reputation.

The QRP Crypto technology

Quube (QRP) does not share any whitepaper or technical documentation of their solution whatsoever. In fact, it has not even been possible to dig up if they build on top of an existing blockchain or have made their own. We expected to find at least a few lines of text describing which consensus protocol they use, but it has not been possible.
QRP brand themselves as a blockchain built to be quantum resistant. For us this idea does not make a lot of sense and we would love to understand what they mean. A quantum computer is a very strong computer. In theory it could break some blockchains built on Proof of Work, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, most new cryptocurrencies are built as Proof of Stake like Polkadot (DOT), Tezos (XTZ) or Crypto.com (CRO). To compromise a Proof of Stake crypto technology you need a lot of liquidity that you can stake. Having a very strong computer does not really help you here. Unfortunately, we won´t know what Quube´s plan is.

We decided to create an account and test their exchange. The quube.exchange lets you create an account, sign in and deposit crypto, but that is about it. The various crypto prices shown are static, which means that they do not change. When we tested the charts, they did not work but instead showed a dummy image from “TradingView.com”. On top of this many of the links and buttons on the crypto exchange did not work e.g., change language button, link to fees, link to API and link to PCI DSS (Documentation on Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

The QRP team

Quube Exchange also operates www.eqd.marketwww.equityconnected.io and www.fintechengine.io according to press release shared on Businesswire: Source.

We did a quick review of the web-solutions to see if they were more complete than the Quube.exchange. The site www.eqd.market was not operational for the two weeks we tested; it was simply a dead link.

The site www.equityconnected.io was just a frontpage with none of the buttons or links working. The site www.fintechengine.io is a very simple info site with five content pages. It is fair to say that none of the crypto sites were operational.

Quube Exchange announced a merger with the enterprise software company LevelBlox, Inc. (OTCM: LVBX) as stated on LevelBlox´ website. We looked into LevelBlox but it was not possible for us to understand in detail what they are doing. The contact formular on the website is not working, so we contacted their CEO Gary Macleod on LinkedIn. So far, no response but the article will be updated if we hear back. 

Who is behind QRP Crypto?

Anzor Zhemukhov (ENZO)

The founder and CEO of Quube (QRP) is Anzor Zhemukhov (ENZO), who according to his LinkedIn profile is a WEB3 architect. A lot of the online attention of Quube seems to be revolving around Enzo. According to Quube, Enzo spoke at the Dubai World Blockchain Summit on 21 October 2019. Here he pitched the concept of Quube Exchange to an interested crowd. You can click here, to see the tweet. The Trescon World Blockchain Summit acknowledges this in their Official After Movie 2019 on YouTube. In the movie description they highlight that Quube Exchange won the pitch slot at the 2020 Startup World Cup in San Francisco. Finally according to an article on Yahoo Finance, Enzo is the winner of the 2021 Startup Innovation World Cup in Dubai.
While we have not been able to completely verify or disprove the information found on Enzo from QRP, it certainly does sound interesting.

The QRP Crypto network and reputation

Quube Crypto Exchange, QRP or Enzo are not very discussed outside of Quube’s own press releases or their social media groups. However, they do run a twitter account with almost 10.000 followers, a Facebook group with more than 6.000 followers and a subreddit network with 1.900 members. We went through the posts and discussions of the different groups and easily found a very clear pattern. On Facebook and Reddit all the posts and comments are extremely positive and written in a way that makes them look fake. The posts all look the same, don´t use natural language and were posted within April through December 2019. Those groups have not had any activity since. The twitter account had it´s latest post in April 2021 by Quube.
Reading through all these comments, we get a feeling that they have been artificially manufactured to make Quube Exchange appear in a certain positive way.

QRP Crypto reputation

Sum up 

The review of QRP Crypto Exchange leaves us skeptical about their product to put it mildly. It is not possible to get insight into any technical descriptions of their services, and the functionality that we can test ourselves does not work in a very satisfying way. The company’s digital footprint on social media also looks to be published in a way that makes us question if they are trying to hide or cover up something. The things that do spark our curiosity are related to the CEO Anzor Zhemukhov (ENZO) himself, but not to a level where we trust the services of the company.

We have reached out to the Founder and CEO of Quube (QRP) Anzor Zhemukhov (ENZO), as well as CEO of LevelBox Gary Macleod. The article will be updated if we hear back.

For now, we advise anyone looking to use the exchange to proceed with caution and as always do their own research. 

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